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Seamless Technology

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Seamless Technology was founded to provide software that links together all the various stakeholders in organising and managing competitive school sport at all levels...competitors, teachers, parents, SGOs, county sports partnerships, school sports associations and governing bodies.

Their first product, PEresults, is a competition management tool designed and developed with PE staff and School Sport League Secretaries. A low cost solution that maximizes productivity and minimizes administration time for all staff involved in arranging, managing and reporting on competitive school sport.

The PEresults website displays live competition results, facilitates collection and upload of participation data, and assists in compliance with regulatory criteria. More than 2,000 schools benefitting from PEresults software after just a year since on the market.

PEresults is aiming to become the default choice for result recording in school sport.


When we contacted Enhanced Coding we were concerned for the future of our site. We had become isolated from our servers and there was a hard deadline looming for getting the system updated.

Thanks to Enhanced Coding, we ended up with an updated website, back under our control, and on a cheaper hosting plan than before!

I would have no hesitation recommending them, or their project rescue services – we’re one happy customer.

Kevin Davies - Owner

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